Use Specific Keyword Search Phrases

Use Specific Keyword Search Phrases

Kath Kozel of Stick Websites Writes:

Every business wants lots of traffic to their website, yes.  Don’t be fooled by any ol’ traffic. You want traffic likely to convert.  Ready and qualified!  The secret is using specific, ‘long-tail’ keyword search phrases rather than general ones.

In brief, people start their buying with general keyword phrases, gathering information (but not buying), then zeroing in on what they really want with more defined, more precise, more specific keyword search phrases.  After they decide what they want they zone in on price, location and so on.

General keyword search phrase:   vase

Specific keyword search phrase:   18th century Chinese porcelain vase

General keyword search phrase:  shovel

Specific keyword search phrase:  heavy duty garden shovel

General keyword search phrase:  solicitor

Specific keyword search phrase:  resource consent solicitor in Christchurch (notice adding a geo-modifier by searchers wanting location)

General keyword search phrase:  beach accommodation

Specific keyword search phrase:  beachfront accommodation tahunanui (again, notice the geo-modifier)

(Have you noticed I’m trying to convert readers to using  keyword search phrase rather than just keywords.   Using just the single word can mislead people to think of out-dated keyword theory from early Internet days, long-gone, abused and ignored.  On the other hand, keyword search phrase is the casino online heart of SEO).

Do your keyword research. Refer to my previous post on tools to use.  Research sets you off in the right direction.  But don’t stop at the general.  Keep your eye on the specific phrases that are used by your customers.

While the number of ”via Video: Seeing that you’re driving record blind | Overdrive – Owner Operators Trucking Magazine. searchers using specific phrases are lower than for those using general keyword phrases, they lead buyers ready to convert.  Then use the phrases in the right places on your website. See my SEO Guidelines on the left sidebar under Resources.

The phrase long-tail refers to the long reach of the internet. One can hunt for obscure items and find them easily in one or two searches.  Sellers of these items are easily found.  Case study after case study shows happy business owners selling their wares around the world by using their specific keyword search phrases.

If you don’t mind tire kickers, use only general keyword search phrases.  If you want buyers use specific keyword search phrases. The problem here is these customers often tie up your staff with lots of questions as they wade through their buying process.

If you want buyers, easier customers ready to convert from lookie-loo to buyer, add specific keyword search phrases to your optimisation plan.

Both would be a winner.

This advice is valid for websites as well as your Pay Per Click ads (PPC) like Adwords.

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